REST API Documentation


The btexty API exposes some of btexty functionalities via a REST interface. Third-party applications can invoke btexty method via HTTP requests to btexty servers using GET and POST methods. The bexty API methods can return XML or JSON responses, as specified in the method URL (format below).


All btexty API methods require authentication. All actions and responses will be relative to the authenticated user. The btexty API uses the HTTP Basic Authentication.

In order to access API methods, one needs an active btexty account. HTTP requests are authenticated using the mobile phone number as username and the PIN code as password.

Send a text message

Allows the authenticated user to send a message to one or more recipients. The authenticated user will be the sender of the message. Recipients are identified by their mobile numbers.

URL: format /send
Formats: xml, json
Method: POST

  • message. Body of message to be sent.
  • recipients. Comma-separated list of mobile phone numbers (recipients), including country code. Example: +1 650 1234567, +442001234567
  • wall. 1 if message is public, 0 if message is private.
  • thread. Optional. Identifier of message thread. Starts new thread if not specified.
  • attachment. Optional. Picture, video or audio snippets to be attached to message.
Returns: Status code.

Get the number of unread messages

Gets the number of unread messages for the authenticated user. It is useful to implement notifications or push services.

URL: format /inbox/unread
Formats: xml, json
Method: GET
Parameters: None
Returns: Status code.

Get messages

Returns all messages sent or received by the authenticated user. Returns the page-th page containing number messages, starting from most recent messages.

URL: format /inbox/index
Formats: xml, json
Method: GET

  • page. Optional, defaults to first page.
  • number. Optional, defaults to 20. Number of messages per page.
Returns: Status code and array of messages.